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business precision

3 Hidden Benefits of Precision Machining

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Many companies who already hire contract manufacturers to carry out precision machining manufacturing methods – or even those who already use these methods of production on their own business premises – will be familiar with some of the most well known benefits of precision machining. Including CNC grinding and CNC milling, these techniques have many advantages.

These include the elimination of human error as well as increased productivity due to the consistently high quality and rapid production capabilities of the equipment. There are also other widely accepted advantages of these production methods, including the fact that these can be very cost effective in the long run and can give companies that use them a distinct competitive edge.

With that said, there are several hidden benefits of precision machining for companies that some professionals might not have considered yet; here are three less widely known advantages that are well worth bearing in mind if considering using this production method.

First of all, precision machining methods such as CNC grinding and turning are very environmentally friendly methods of production, namely because there is far less waste of materials than with other, more conventional production methods.

This is primarily down to the fact the very precise and accurate calculations are made by computers before the manufacturing takes place, and these calculations direct the entire production process. This eliminates human error and ensures absolute consistency each and every time a part or component is produced.

As a result, there is far less material wasted as these accurate measurements are made and executed without fault each and every time. This is not only avoiding a waste of money by the company spending a proportion of their budget on producing items that are ultimately useless for their purpose, but it is also avoiding wasting valuable resources.

The second hidden benefit is that precision machining techniques such as CNC grinding and turning can actually benefit employees by keeping them far safer during the manufacturing process. Traditionally, operating heavy machinery in the production process is very dangerous, resulting in many accidental injuries and deaths each and every year around the world.

However, this has all changed with the advent of computer controlled and operated precision machining, where it is necessary to have skilled workers and engineers oversee processes without getting physically involved in the dangerous aspects of machining parts and components, as this is all done by tools directed by computers.

This can help keep the workforce safe and secure on the job, and drastically reduce the risk of serious injuries and accidents. This can in turn boost employee morale and job satisfaction, which of course has a huge positive impact on the running of the company and the success of the business in general.

Lastly, a final hidden benefit of precision machining techniques such as CNC grinding and milling is that they are extremely adaptable, and can be used to manufacture a variety of components and parts for numerous different industries. This is beneficial for companies as they do not have to worry about the equipment they purchase becoming obsolete in the near future.

Although there are various types of precision machining tools, once purchased these will be fit for many different manufacturing purposes for years to come. These items are therefore a very solid and reliable investment to make for any company looking to manufacture their own parts and components on site.

These are just three of the hidden benefits of precision machining tools. From providing a very resourceful solution for the manufacturing industry to offering ultimately adaptability and flexibility, there are many reasons why companies might want to consider investing in these items of equipment.

If they prefer, there are also many contract manufacturers offering their services that use high quality precision machining tools in their production processes.

Are You Driving Your Business Like a Stuntman or a Reckless Driver?

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Ideally, you should drive your business like a wise stuntman and not a reckless driver. Prior to executing any daring stunt, a stuntman always studies and evaluates all the different parameters involved and all the possible scenarios with their associated levels of risk.

Depending on whether the probabilities of success appear to be high or low, the stunt will be marked as feasible or not feasible — nobody wants to risk losing their life stupidly after all…

Once the stunt has been retained as feasible, the execution will be rehearsed many times. First on paper, then mentally. Over and over, the stuntman will go through the whole event and when he or she feels ready, he or she will execute the stunt in front of an audience of astonished people. What appeared to be very daring or was even deemed impossible to do is suddenly executed perfectly in front of a crowd of astonished people.

On Thursday May 20, 1999 Robbie Knievel completed such a stunt: a 231 ft leap over a section of the Grand Canyon. It was certainly one of the most daring stunt. All parameters must have been studied and evaluated with the highest precision: location, speed, angle, wind, etc… Success was no coincidence.

Let’s not forget such a daring stunt was the result of several weeks, if not months of careful evaluations, precise simulations, and a meticulous preparation based on accurate observations and wise decisions — somebody’s life is on the line after all. What a good example of successful risk-management that is!

It is pretty much the same if you want to run your business successfully: you need to do some business intelligence and plan thoroughly, you need to evaluate carefully and make fact-based decisions and not only emotion-based decisions.

Weeks or months of preparation would likely be needed in order to make the wisest decisions but the problem is: the market won’t wait that long, your competitors are going to cut the deal before you do if you don’t move fast!

How is your driving, business-wise? Do you step on the gas pedal as soon as you hear about a possible business deal without evaluating and planning thoroughly? How well do you know your vehicle and all the different options? How well do you know the terrain? How precisely have you studied all the different parameters?

How well do you know the competition and what they are doing? Do you have the right people in place? What is the level of readiness of those people? Are they making noise or are they playing some beautiful music?

How well and accurately you can answer these questions will of course determine your level of success. There are many more questions you should ask yourself before firing up the engine and putting your hands on the steering wheel.

So everything has been checked and double-checked you say and you are on a full tank and absolutely confident you will be able to drive your company to ever-lasting success.

So, you think you are ready, finally, it is reality-check time on the battlefield! But before long, it turns out the road is bumpier than you thought, you see other competitors passing you by and leaving you in the dust. Their vehicle is way more powerful and these guys know how to drive way better than you do. They drive effectively, efficiently, based on their experience of the road and the many challenges they already have overcome many times. They know how to play the game better than you do… Your vehicle is puffing, comes to a stop. Out of gas. Out of munitions, that is. You are stranded in the middle of nowhere. It was supposed to be the ride of your life and you are busted.

You think of the term “learning curve” and say: “OK, what I need to learn I will learn by doing, so the more I drive, the better I will be… ” Only true if you are on an unlimited budget, but who is?

So you’re gonna have to take some driving lessons and presto! Don’t even think of getting back on the road before improving your driving or you will be toasted pulp for good next time and will probably end up in front of the court as another chapter 11…

Have your vehicle checked by experts for any missing parts and do learn how to drive that thing! Only there are many instructors that have absolutely no clues whatsoever on how to drive a business successfully and yet that’s another challenge!

If you are tired of visiting smash-repair shops and instead want to learn how to drive your business precisely and efficiently to produce results that you never thought possible, why not listen to a respected expert in the field?

If you are willing to listen, I am willing to show you how to improve your driving and help you jump over the last remaining difficulties like Robbie Knievel over the Grand Canyon!

In any case, whatever you do, don’t forget to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Where are we now as a company? as a team?
2. Where do we want to be as a company? as a team?
3. How are we going to get there as a team?
4. How do we measure success? How do we know we have attained our objectives?

then use the Deming approach: Plan-Do-Check-Act, and repeat relentlessly!

To your complete success,


CNC Milling Services – How to Find a Reliable Company Which Can Machine High Precision Parts

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In the manufacturing industry, it is important to have proper tools that are capable to machine high precision parts. Such precision machining tasks can be normally achieved by acquiring (Computer Numerical Control) CNC milling machines which are well-known in performing fast, precise and accurate parts production. If the parts production is the main part of your business model – therefore, you can actually save cost by outsourcing this high-priority task to job shops which offer such high-precision milling services.

Apparently, the main problem is – How could you possibly find a reliable company which offers high quality service with affordable rates? Here are some important tips that you should follow:

Tip #1: Start looking for such service via online and off-line business directories – Initially, you need to refer to off-line business directories, which is the most common way to look for listed local job shops; or search for CNC milling services from online business directories which accepts orders through the Internet. Throughout the search process, you will be able to obtain contact details of different companies.

Tip #2: Request for a sample of their previous works – Once you have gathered all the list of important contact details, you need to start contacting the companies for inquiries about their services. Be sure to distinguish companies which are able to produce high precision parts from those companies which could not, by referring to their previous works or any visible samples that are provided by the company.

Tip #3: Always confirm with the company that they are using high-quality CNC milling machines – When you are inquiring about their services, you need to make sure which particular machining that they use. Take note of the details when they are responding to your inquiry – i.e. the brand and model of the machine, and the overview description of the machine used.

Tip #4: Make sure that the company accepts custom orders based on your designs – This is most crucial part that you should not overlook. If you have saved your designs as Computer-aided design (CAD) file format, it is possible to import your designs to the software control which is integrated with CNC milling machine. Hence, you need to make sure that the company is able to begin their setup and production of parts based on your CAD drawings.

Tip #5: Request for free quotation for your order – You need to seek estimation cost of your order by requesting free quotation from the company. Based on the quotation, you can obtain the breakdown of the estimated cost as well as the expected turnaround of your order.

Tip #6: Shop around to look for the best parts production deal – If it preferable that you obtain quotations from as many companies as possible, so that you are able to make comparisons and choose the right job shop that matches your specification with affordable price. Do not hesitate to bargain with the company for cost reduction.

Hope that the above-mentioned tips able to help you to find a reputable job shop which offers high quality CNC milling service with reasonable price.