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Precision Gear Manufacturing: Tips for Choosing the Right Manufacturer

Posted on December 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Precision gear manufacturing is the process of producing mechanisms that have highly accurate dimensions. Precision gears are often parts that would cause a financial loss, or potentially the loss of life, if they malfunctioned. Consequently, it is important for companies to select a parts producer who has the technology and experience to do the job right. If assistance in choosing a producer of precision parts is required, the tips below will help.

Uses Computer Generated Image Analysis

Computer Generated Image (CGI) analysis allows producers to observe new parts or heritage parts using different data models (i.e. polygon mesh models, sold surface models, and CAD models). Additionally, CGI motion may be used to visualize two or more pieces that are working in unison. CGI analysis allows creators to correct infinitesimal errors in the spatial data of parts before they are produced, and alter the data of parts to create new ones that have different dimensions.

Builds Directly from CAD Software

Computer Aided Design (CAD) software allows companies to produce a product directly from the data of a solid CAD model. Building from a CAD model: expedites the production process, allows the producer to correct errors in a piece by editing its CAD model, and allows the model to be saved for future production runs of the same piece. For the customer, CAD software that facilitates CGI motion analysis expedites precision gear manufacturing, and ensures that parts and assemblies have accurate dimensions.

Will Produce a Single Piece or a Large Volume of Parts

Forming a relationship with a company that accepts any order size, from a single piece to a large volume of parts, is advantageous for two reasons: the company will produce single parts that are needed for a single, unique machine, or a test model of a machine, and it will produce pieces that are needed for mass produced equipment. Choosing a company that accepts any ordered size prevents the inconvenience of having to use a different company for something as simple as an order size.

Has Strong References in the Company’s Industry

Precisionparts production is a broad discipline that encompasses various types of parts production, from aeronautical parts production to parts production for cars and trucks. Although a company may have the scientific knowledge to produce any type of part, choosing a company that has experience working with companies in different industry prevents gaps in understanding that concern the technology of the machines that will use the parts.

Has Been in Business for At Least Two Years

A producer of precision parts should have a successful business history of at least two years before it is used for large orders. Businesses that have operated successfully for a minimum of two years are less likely to close their doors than businesses that have operated for less than two years.


Precision gear manufacturing uses advanced technologies such as CGI motion and CAD software to produce precision parts. When a company needs a producer for precision parts, it should choose one that: uses the right technologies, will accept any order size, has experience in the company’s industry, and has been in business for at least two years.